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Are you looking for a unique, beautiful and adventurous travel destination? Where mass tourism has not yet been discovered? Are you curious about 'the most unknown country in the world?'

With Icena Travel Kyrgyzstan you will be introduced to the culture and natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan. The lifestyle of the nomads, the yurts and homestays, the countless Russian influences from the Soviet Union and the historic silk route form an unforgetable experience. You will be inspired by Kyrgyzstan's overwhelming nature, including the many impressive mountain ranges and lakes the country offers. Sustainable travel and eco tourism are one of Icena travels top priorities. 

Do you enjoy hiking and interaction with nature? Perhaps your looking for a challenging trek? Do you enjoy horseback riding during your vacation? Our flexible attitude ensures countless possibilties to discover Kyrgzstan. 

Icena Travel Kyrgyzstan offers travels to suit your wishes! Our experienced, enthusiastic, local, well-spoken English speaking tour guide will introduce you to the traditions, values and standards of Kyrgyzstan. Icena Travel Kyrgyzstan is a enthousiastic, reliable and young tour operator for travellers of all ages, who are genuinely interested in Kyrgyzstan. Take a look at our custom made packages! Our trips are competitively priced and the price decreases when more participants travel together. Discover how breathtaking and original Kyrgyzstan is! Travel to the next level! 

Icena Travels offers:

* small groups with a maximum of 20 people, a personal approach, with possibly an international group, a self-composed group (friends, family) or an individual trip
* a young and enthusiastic team in Kyrgyzstan  
* local fluent English speaking travel guides with a passion for their home country Kyrgyzstan and experience in their work as travel guide  
* personal transport
* diversity in nature, culture and history
* unique stays in a yurt, tent or homestay, always close to nature and the traditional Kyrgyz culture
* adventurous and flexible trips with a good dose of free time
* hikes or trekking through pristine untouched nature
* competitive prices, no intermediate station, rates are sharper when there are more participants

Travel to the next level! Travel Kyrgyzstan. Why not?

Many have never heard of Kyrgyzstan, have no idea where it is in the world.

In 2015 The New York Times declared Kyrgyzstan to be ‘the world’s most unknown country’.

This makes Kyrgyzstan attractive and gives every reason to visit this stunning piece of earth. A trip through Kyrgyzstan, that is yet to be discovered by mass tourism, will not leave you untouched. A must see and must do for the true nature lover and adventurer. Pristine, pure, hospitable, original. Even the travelled person will be pleasantly surprised.

Kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country of Central Asia. The Kyrgyz Republic is an inner state and has borders with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China and Tadzhikistan. Approximately 90% of the country consists of the Tian Shan and Pamir mountain range and 50% lies at an altitude of 3000 meters or higher. Kyrgyzstan was part of the Soviet Union until 1991, but declared itself independent when the Soviet Union disintegrated. The Soviet influences are still visible throughout the country.

Kyrgyzstan is a unique travel destination. Its nature with special flora and fauna is breathtakingly beautiful. The diversity is great. From snowy mountain peaks, glaciers, rivers to lakes and alpine meadows full of Edelweiss. You won’t be bored.

Also the famous historical silk route leads through this beautiful country. Experience the serenity and vastness of this sparsely populated Kyrgyzstan. Discover it by bus, on foot, whilst hiking or on horseback and have the trip that fits your desire.

The people of Kyrgyzstan are extremely hospitable and will welcome you to discover their culture. A unique possibility to see how the nomads lead their traditional life with the cattle grazing in the higher areas can be created by staying in a yurt or in a homestay. Sober and authentic. The yurt or homestay hostess or owner will provide delicious meals. A unique experience that will last for a long past your travels.

A dream will come true. Travel Kyrgyzstan. Why not?! Travel to the next level.

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Kyrgyzstan flag -
sun with 40 rays


* 199.949 km2
* 6.033.768 habitants (2016) 
* Muslim 75%, Russian Orthodox 20%
* Language: Kyrgyz, Russian. English is not a commonly spoken language in Kyrgyzstan
* Currency: SOM (KGS)
* Description of the Kyrgyz flag: Red background, the national color. Stands for bravery and courage. The yellow sun with 40 sunrays: symbol of light, the eternity of existence, freedom and wealth, 40 Kyrgyz tribes. In the sun the yurt (traditional nomad tent): warmth, hospitality, unity of time and space, life and solidarity.

Flora and fauna:
* Wolves, bears, lynx, ibex, yaks, snow leopards
*400 different bird sorts, including ibis, crane birds, eagles, vultures, Indian geese 
*40 tulip sorts, orchids, wild onions, edelweiss, aigul flowers 
*Forests, including the largest walnut tree forest in the world 

Landscape and climate:
* 90% exists of Tian Shan mountains ( Heavenly mountains) and flows over in the Pamir mountains
* 29 mountain tops above 4000 meters 
* 45 mountain tops over 3000 meters 
* Highest mountain top = 7439 meters Pobedy (victory peak) 
* More than 2000 mountain lakes 
* Hot springs
* 6 nature reserves, 8 national parks, 67 nature parks
* Emerging country in ski resorts
* Land and mountain climate; - summer; fairly cool to mild in higher altitudes and warm in lower lying areas. In high altitudes it freezes most of the year, the higher mountain tops are covered with everlasting snow and glaciers.
* Winter; cool to very cold and inclement. Kyrgyzstan is because of these temperatures for a large part impassable.

* National beverage: Kymyz (fermented horse milk)
* National music instrument: Komuz 
* Horseback riding * Yurts * Silk Road * Felt

Kyrgyzstan map


“In September of 2017 I went on a trip through Kyrgyzstan. Our group leader was Aysuluu. She looked after the group, made sure that everyone bought water on time. Everyday she picked out a new location to have lunch, next to a river in the wild or at a restaurant were we could order nice and big shashlik. Although her young age she can tell a lot about her country Kyrgyzstan, about the culture and nature. What she does during the excursions and bus rides. On our trip we stayed in different homestays and yurts, Aysuluu would phone in advance to tell what we have eaten the previous days, so that we would not eat the same every day. She has a tight schedule, she tells in advance what time breakfast, dinner is or what time the bus leaves. So our group moto became: it is not an holiday, it is an adventure. If you go to a country like Kyrgyzstan you are not there to go to beach and bars, you want to see someting of the country. With a guide like Aysuluu you will have the holiday you hoped for. ”

“The tour in Kyrgystan I did in the summer of 2017 was such a good choice. I saw much of the beautiful country of Kyrgystan, met wonderful Kyrgyz people and ate great food. Also I visited the eagle festival where I saw the traditional kyrgys dances and I could dance along with them. Apart from that I felt very safe walking at night in Bishkek, watching families gathering at the big square and children playing with the water. I would like to go back to Kyrgystan to see more of this country. 2 weeks was just not enough.”

“My holiday to Kyrgyzstan. .. With 15 travellers from Holland (The Netherlands) Nadezhda guided us with great enthousiasm through her Kyrgyzstan. Her English is very good and even in the beginning sometimes softly spoken, there were no misunderstandings ever. Traveling through this beautiful nomadic country often our lunches were a picnic, Nadezhda was very good in not only purchasing all required ingredients but able to prepare in a short time plenty delicious salads, fruits and drinks for all of us at shadow rich loctions often near lovely rivers. Nadezhda organised visits to very enjoyable special events. Like a once a year cultural festival with endless local skills, andtraditional activities. Or an unbelievable roadtrip to hotsprings deep in the mountains. Or a spititual night in the famous caravanserai in Tash Rabat.  Among many other good advices were nice places to go and eat or what to go and see. Nadezhda organised for us a really most wonderfull sunset cruise! Finally we had a great joined dinner where Nadezhda showed her skill in joined karaoke singing! Nadezha gave us a trip through Kyrgysztan to never forget. 
Thank you!

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